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15 Daily Habits for a Healthy Life

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A healthy outside starts from the inside. Nourish your health and beauty every day with good food, exercise, ️sunshine, and positivity.

The foods we eat are only one aspect of health and it is our daily that have the greatest influence on our health and appearance. Taking a holistic approach will support inner and outer beauty.

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Try these 15 Daily Practices for a Healthy Life

1.) Say 5 Things you are Grateful for Each Morning

Having gratitude is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. It makes you appreciate life more. All things big and small are important. Having food in your refrigerator, a roof over your head, a good friend to lend a listening ear, wonderful children, a pet that loves you, and good health, are all reasons to be grateful.

In our busy lives, we can oftentimes overlook just how lucky we are to have the comforts that others may not be as fortunate to have. It is an important aspect of health to be humble and to have gratitude for our lives.

Start each day by saying 5 things to yourself that you are grateful for. It will change your life. With regular practice, you will realize how precious this life is and how many reasons there are to smile.

2.) Hydrate First Thing in the Morning

Drinking water first thing in the morning will replenish your body and get your digestion going. After 8 hours of sleep, our body needs hydration to wake up and function.

Warm water with lemon is a great way to start the day.

3.) Eat a Wide Variety of Foods

It is important to follow your bio individual needs. There is no correct way to eat. Do what works for your body while avoiding health trends. Run far away from anyone who tells you to avoid any whole food. Only you know what works for your body.

Do I eat meat, yes. Do I eat dairy, yes. Do I eat grains, yes.

I don't let all the noise of every new health trend dictate what I do with my body. There is always going to be a new health trend based on fear-mongering that tries to get people to conform to a certain way of eating.

Removing food groups is never healthy. Having balance is. Learning to listen to the signals your body sends you is how you know what foods work for your bio individual needs.

Food should make you feel good. If it doesn't don't eat it. No two people will have the same health requirements. If you don't feel good after eating dairy then avoid it. It's pretty simple.

4.) Health is Not a Size it is a Lifestyle

The size we are does not dictate how healthy we are. It also does not define who we are. Some of the thinnest people are unhealthy. I used to be one of them. I was naturally thin my whole life but I had a very unhealthy lifestyle. It finally caught up with me and I developed Candida and Leaky Gut. Thankfully I have healed and am healthier than ever.

Society tries to impose its views of how women should look which can make us feel that we have to look a certain way. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and we should aspire to be our own version of health instead of trying to be a certain size.

5.) Move Your Body Everyday

Even if it's just a simple lap around the block, push yourself to move your body every day. It will help you to have more energy, feel happier, absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat better, and make you healthy and strong.

It is important that you find a form of exercise that you enjoy so you will stick with it. It does not have to be intense but just a bit of movement to keep healthy.

6.) Take Deep Breaths Throughout the Day

Something as important as breathing properly was sadly never taught to us in school. It definitely should have been because the majority of people take very shallow breaths all day. This can lead to stress, anxiety, low energy, and brain fog.

Something as simple as breathing can transform how we feel throughout our days, and it is free.

I want you to take a deep breath right now. Breathe in from your nose. Deep from your belly so your stomach expands outward like a balloon.

Release slowly

Don't you feel an instant sigh of relief?

It is incredible how something as simple as breathing can change how we feel. Remember to take deep breaths from your belly all day, especially in times of stress.

7.) Avoid Negative People

This one is huge! Whom we surround ourselves with can influence our health. It is important to get in tune with your own energy so you can feel it when it shifts around certain people.

People who have a problem for every solution or those that are just generally sour about life will bring you down if you spend enough time with them. This can make you feel tired and unhappy.

Sometimes we have people in our lives that are just going through a rough patch so it is important to assess the situation and have grace. And then there are those people that will bring you down if you spend too much time with them because they are always negative. Take note of anyone in your life that you don't feel your best around. If you can't be happy, confident, proud, and yourself around them it is probably time to create some distance.

8.) Get Sunshine Every Day

Please don’t fear the ️sun. There is so much fear-mongering around the sun that is very unhealthy. Sure, don't let your skin bake and burn but make sure to get daily sun exposure. It is such an important aspect of health to spend time in the sunshine.

Vitamin D is vital for good health and while supplementation can be helpful it is not a sustainable solution. The body requires real sunshine so you can create your own vitamin D. Practice safe sun exposure but please get out there and let the rays of the sun kiss your skin.

9.) Laugh as Much as Possible

Laughter is medicine to the soul! It can improve our mood, energy levels, increase health, and gives us a gorgeous glow.

Watching a funny movie can help to relieve stress while letting go of the worries of the day. It is a moment to relax and just have fun. Spend time regularly doing things that make you laugh whether it be watching a funny movie, having a lighthearted conversation with someone who brings joy to your life, or reading a good book.

Every bit of effort we put into reducing our stress levels will have a positive influence on our health.

10.) Always Be Kind

Kindness is so good for the soul and changes how we feel in an instant. Have you ever smiled at a stranger and felt better afterward? The simplest acts of kindness can transform how we feel in our daily lives. We never know what someone may be going through and learning how to be less judgemental and kinder can be very healing.

Karma is real and what goes around comes back around. What we put out into the universe is like a magnet and attracts the vibration in which we live. If we live in a space of anger, meanness, jealousy, comparison, and pettiness we will only attract more of it.

Learning how to identify your triggers and working to resolve them is an essential part of living a healthy life. Not only will you feel better you will also be less likely to project your pain onto others. Being kind to people costs you nothing and yet you can gain so much from it. It can help you to feel happier, more confident, and enjoy life more.

I encourage you next time you are out to smile at a stranger. You never know how that simple act of kindness may help them.

11.) Keep an Open Mind

Be open to new information, this is how we grow. The second that we start thinking we know everything is when we close ourselves off to living a full life. The world is constanly changing and science is consistently evolving and we must be open to learning new knowledge.

If we only surround ourselves with people who have the same views and ideas as us we can prevent ourselves from learning. Our life becomes an echo chamber of recycled thoughts and ideologies.

Connecting with people who have different perspectives is important for us to constantly grow and question what we have been told. Hearing both sides helps us form our own opinion. Let us let our guard down and be more open-minded.

The world surely needs it. Now more than ever.

12.) Reduce Exposure to Harmful Ingredients

The products we use every day can have a significant influence on our health and appearance. Sadly many mainstream products are created with a lot of toxins that can cause a whole host of health issues. It is really important that we evaluate the products that we use most frequently since they are the ones that have the greatest chance of causing harm.

Top products to switch:

  • Beauty products

  • Cookware

  • Water filter

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Food

These products are used every single day and have the greatest potential for harm. Start by replacing these with healthier options and you will reduce your toxic exposure by a great deal.

One area that many people overlook that can contribute a lot of toxins to their cookware. Since it is used multiple times a day it increases the likelihood of a high increase of toxin exposure. Mainstream cookware can contain harmful chemicals that can leech into the food you eat, especially nonstick.

A healthier cookware option is pure ceramic. Xtrema Ceramic Cookware is my favorite and what I use for all of my healthy cooking.

Use code JROSE save 15% off Xtrema ceramic Cookware

To learn more about why it's important to switch to non toxic cookware read my blog post: "Why you should Switch to Non Toxic Cookware to Protect your Health"

I have been using Xtrema Cookware for almost 10 years. They are what I use at home for all of my healthy cooking. I have their ceramic pans, pots, wok, dutch oven, skillets, bake ware, and tea kettle.

13.) Take your Vitamins, but Not Too Many

Regularly taking vitamins can be a great way to encourage better health and more radiance. It is important to remember that they are not a supplement for a healthy diet. Consuming junk food all the time and popping a bunch of vitamins is not the solution to better health. In fact, if you do not have a healthy gut or consistently eat unhealthy your body will not be able to properly absorb your vitamins. That is a lot of money down the drain.

It is also important to keep in mind that taking too many supplements can overload your liver and be very taxing to the body. So just take what you need when you need it but do not rely upon vitamins to provide you with good health. They are the original medicine and should be treated as such.

Always look for quality vitamins and read the label. Many companies add filler ingredients such as brown rice, starch, sugars, and preservatives, so it is important to read the label and know what you are putting into your body.

14.) Practice Self Care Regularly

Self care is not selfish in fact, it is an essential part of living a healthy life. The more we take care of ourselves the better we can show up in the world. We cannot pour from an empty cup.

Make the time to do things that make you feel recharged and cared for. Whether that be a face mask, bubble bath, reading a good book, turning off your electronics, and tuning in to the world around you, do it and do it often.

15.) Spend Time in Nature ️

Nature can be so healing and calming. All the sounds. colors, textures, and beautiful visuals are enough to make anyone smile. The color green has been said to be very soothing and can help to uplift the mood and energy levels.

Humans were not meant to be indoors all the time surrounded by artificial lighting and recycled air. We are meant to be outside soaking up the sunshine and healing elements found in nature.

Make it a point to spend as much time outside as you can.

Try taking your lunch break outside instead of your normal routine or go for a walk after dinner.

The smallest amounts of effort that are practiced on a regular basis can have a tremendous influence on our health and appearance. You are worth it!

I really hope you enjoyed these tips for healthy living and you will implement a few of them into your lifestyle. You will feel so wonderful, trust me.

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