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How To Create A Healthier Home

When it comes to our health and wellness, diet and exercise are often the primary focus, however, learning how to create a healthier home is equally important. Our homes are our sanctuary and where we spend a great amount of time so ensuring they support our wellness is key.

The products we use every day in our home can have a significant influence on our health and appearance. An accumulation of toxins in the body can accelerate the biological aging process and contribute to our toxic load.

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What is Toxic Load?: Toxic load refers to the accumulation of toxins in our body from lifestyle influences. The products and foods we use every day can contribute many toxins and over time they can negatively influence our health and appearance.

To get a better picture of how toxic load plays a role in our health, I like to imagine a glass of water.

The glass represents the body, and the water is the toxins from our everyday products. Over time with repeated exposure to toxins the glass can overflow, resulting in adverse health conditions. The goal is to keep the water in the glass at the lowest possible level to protect our health.

Learning how to reduce your daily exposure to toxins found in the home is a powerful method of reducing your toxic load and protecting your health.

Let's take a look at some ways to create a healthy home that supports your wellness.

How To Create a Healthier Home

Switch to Clean Beauty Products

It is estimated that the average woman uses 168 toxins in her daily routine. Many conventional beauty products such as skin care, makeup, haircare, body products, and dental care can contain toxins that cause health issues when used regularly.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and what is applied to it can be absorbed or penetrated. Just because a beauty product is on the shelf does not mean the ingredients are healthy. The beauty industry is not regulated, and it is up to you to be your own health advocate. It is essential to investigate all the ingredients in your daily beauty routine to understand how they play a role in your health.

There are so many organic beauty products on the market that work well like these ones. Long gone are the days of women having to compromise their health in the name of beauty.

Beauty products are a significant area that many people overlook when trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Switching to natural beauty products is a great way to reduce your toxin exposure for better health and glowing beauty.

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Switch to Nontoxic Cookware

What we cook our food in is just as important as what we eat. Many conventional cookware brands on the market can be a source of daily toxin exposure. Cookware made from Teflon, nonstick, aluminum, ceramic coated cookware, plastic cutting boards, and plastic utensils can add to the body's toxic load. Many of us cook multiple times every day, making it especially important to find healthier options.

Healthier Cookware Options

Pure ceramic is a great non toxic cookware option that does not contain harmful chemicals such as those found in nonstick Look for cookware made from 100% pure ceramic.

You can find my favorite 100% pure ceramic non toxic cookware that I use for all my cooking HERE

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Pro Tip: Avoid brands that use a ceramic coating instead of being "pure ceramic" because, over time, it can chip off and end up in your food. Plus many of them are made with a base of aluminum which can also be unhealthy.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a great non toxic cookware option that can endure high cooking temperatures.

Stainless Steel

Great option but make sure to choose high quality stainless steel otherwise it can leech nickel into your food.

Glass Cookware

A great option that is nonreactive and is not coated with harmful chemicals. Pyrex is a great option.

Wooden Cooking Utensils

Wood is a much healthier option than using plastic while cooking because the plastic can leech into food when exposed to heat. Microplastics are known for being endocrine disruptors and adding to the body's toxic load.

Pro Tip: Look for pure wood cooking utensils that have no coating.

Glass Tupperware

Glass Tupperware is a great way to store food and heat leftovers. Plastic Tupperware can leech into food when exposed to heat.

Parchment Paper

A healthy alternative to aluminum that can be used for many different cooking methods, especially baking.

Use a Shower Filter

Did you know the same toxins found in your sink water are also in your shower water? The skin is the body’s largest organ, and harmful chemicals can be absorbed or penetrated from the water in your daily shower. Steam can concentrate the chlorine found in most tap water and contribute to skin and health issues such as asthma. Replacing your shower head with a filter is relatively easy and affordable. Besides reducing the number of toxins, you are exposed to in your daily shower, a filter also encourages healthier hair and skin.

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Switch to a Quality Drinking Water Filter

It is essential to replenish the body with clean water daily. Hydration is key for supporting a healthy body and appearance. Most city tap water has many toxins that contribute a great deal to the body's toxic load. Using a high-quality water filter is a great option to reduce your daily exposure to toxins.

Since tap water can vary from city to city, it is crucial when choosing a water filter to look up your city's local water report and choose a filter that removes those toxins.

You can find my favorite drinking water filter HERE

Pro Tip: Purchase a large glass jug that you can fill up each morning with fresh clean filtered water from your sink filtration system. I like to use a 64 oz. glass jug. Aim to drink the whole thing every day. It is a great way to keep track of how much water you are drinking. It also saves money and is better for the environment to use a sink filter.

Avoid Water in Plastic Bottles

Microplastics can be found in plastic water bottles which have the potential to leech into the water. Chronic exposure can lead to unnecessary health issues. A healthier option is to choose water in glass bottles and to fill up your own glass bottle from home when possible.

Read my blog post on the health concerns of bottled water HERE

Wash Produce in Filtered Water

Consuming fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It is always important to rinse your produce before consuming them to ensure you remove any bacteria and pesticides. However, it is also equally important to use filtered water when you rinse your fruits and vegetables to avoid excess toxins from tap water.

A healthy option is to install a water filter in the sink like the one HERE. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Pro Tip: If a sink filter is not an option, you can always use another source of filtered water and add it to a bowl to soak your fruits and vegetables. Just make sure it is filtered water to avoid adding toxins to your healthy fruits and vegetables.

Go Organic

It has been shown that organic produce can have more nutrients and less harmful pesticides which is always better for health. When possible, opt for organic foods most of the time.

Organic Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea can have excellent health properties such as antioxidants and is a great way to start the day. Keep in mind that quality matters. Conventional coffee and tea are sprayed heavily with synthetic pesticides that can be quite harmful to health when consumed regularly. For a healthier option, choose organic coffee and tea when possible.

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You can find my full blog post about the importance of organic coffee HERE

You can find my full blog post on, "How to Avoid toxins in Tea." HERE

Choose Quality Supplements

Supplements can be an excellent addition to a healthy diet—however, quality matters. You will want to keep a couple of things in mind when choosing a supplement to ensure you are getting all the nutritional benefits to support your health and appearance.

Pay Attention to Where the Ingredients in the Supplements are Grown

This is an essential factor to keep in mind when choosing a supplement to ensure you are getting the healthiest product. Some products such as herbal formulas can be grown in countries with less than healthy conditions that can expose you to heavy metals and toxins.

Pay Attention to the “Other Ingredients” On The Label

Supplements can have added fillers that are not healthy nor add any nutritional value. Always read the label thoroughly to make sure you know all the ingredients in the supplements before purchasing them.

Choose Nontoxic Cleaning Products

Cleaning products can add to the body’s toxic load through inhalation and the harsh chemicals can pose a health risk when inhaled regularly. The fumes from cleaning products can accumulate in the home and the body.

Choose non-toxic cleaning products and open windows as often as possible. There are also a lot of wonderful and effective DIY cleaning products that you can make with ingredients found in your kitchen.

Avoid Products with the Word Fragrance

The word fragrance can hide hundreds of ingredients that do not have to be disclosed on the label. As the consumer, we have no way of knowing what is hidden under this mysterious word. Fragrance can be found in makeup, skincare, haircare, body products, cleaning products, perfume, and more.

A healthier option is to use products without the word fragrance listed on the ingredient label.

Avoid products that list "fragrance" and "parfum". Instead, try products that use essential oils to add a pleasant scent to their products naturally.

Choose Non Toxic Air Fresheners and Candles

Most air fresheners and candles contain ingredients that can be harmful to the body when inhaled. While it is wonderful to have a nice smelling home, there are healthier options that will not harm your health.

Healthier Options

Beeswax Candles

Most candles are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product, and scented with fragrance. This can lead to an excess of toxins in the home which can contribute to asthma and respiratory issues. A healthier option is to choose beeswax candles that are free from synthetic fragrance.

Essential Oil Diffusers

An amazing natural way to create a beautifully scented home. Essential oils have therapeutic properties that can support wellness and uplift the mood in your home. A few drops in a diffuser can be the perfect way to create an inviting and welcoming home. You can create your own custom blend with your favorite scents without having to worry about toxins.

Non Toxic Air Freshener

You can create your own DIY air freshener at home with just a few simple ingredients such as essential oils, water, rubbing alcohol, and a spray bottle. A few spritzes around the home can be a wonderful natural way to add freshness naturally.

Open The Windows Regularly and Use An Air Filter

Out with the old and in with the new. Open the windows in your home every single day to let in the fresh air. Even if it is for only 5-10 minutes, it can make a dramatic difference in the air quality of your home. Toxins from cooking, beauty products, cleaning products, and shower water can accumulate in the air in the home and lead to poor health and respiratory issues. Make it a habit to open the windows daily to support better health.

An air filter is also a great investment to help reduce the number of toxins circulating in the air in your home. You would be quite surprised at how many toxins are circulating in the air in the average home.

Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Wearing shoes in the house can bring excess bacteria into the home. While we need to be exposed to a wide variety of bacteria to build a healthy immune system we really don't need the entire city all over our home. This is especially true for those who have children who crawl around on the floor.

Think about everywhere you go throughout your day in those cute shoes of yours. The bank, grocery store, running all over town. Now imagine all of that being tracked throughout your home. This isn't a really pretty picture, is it?

Simply take off your shoes as soon as you get in the house to reduce excess bacteria and to support positive energy.

Buy Less Processed Foods

Processed foods can come with a long ingredient list and misleading wording that confuses consumers. Ingredients such as food additives, added sugars, food dyes, and preservatives can contribute to poor health when consumed regularly. Real foods in their natural state are a healthier option.

When possible, choose whole foods in their natural state or at least fewer ingredients. Consuming less processed foods will take a burden off your body to support better health and natural radiance.

The way I like to explain it to my nutrition clients is this:

Try to buy foods without ingredient labels as much as possible to support better health.

An apple = no ingredient label

Whole chicken = no ingredient label

Sweet potatoes = no ingredient label

Broccolli = no ingredient label

These foods are delicious, rich in nutrients, and have no processing. They are better for your health, beauty, and easier on the body. Your hard working beautiful body will thank you.

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, it is important to remember that you do not have to be perfect but try your best to make better choices when possible. Every small switch you make will have a positive influence on your health and appearance.

You are your own best health advocate, and by learning how to reduce the toxins in your everyday life, you will encourage more wellness and vibrancy.

Try getting in the habit of reading labels, researching, asking questions, and make your health a priority. You are worth it!

Xo Jessica Rose

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