How To Make Tom Kha Soup

The seasons are changing, and warming soups can be such a delight to our senses. Have you ever enjoyed a bowl of soup and felt better afterward? There really is something to it.

I want to share with you my favorite soup in the whole world. It is incredibly delicious and nutritious! It's made with nourishing ingredients that support a healthy immune system, a healthy gut, and encourages glowing beauty from within.

We can change how we look and feel simply by nourishing ourselves with healthy food. Our daily practices have a direct correlation on our overall wellness. Food is medicine and can help us to have a more joyous life with each bite. I hope that you enjoy how flavorful and nutritious healthy food can be.



1tbsp olive oil

1 onion

1 pack wild mushrooms

1 pack brown button mushrooms

1 lemon grass stalk

4 tbsp fish sauce

1 package organic chicken thighs chopped into 1 inch cubes

48 oz low sodium organic chicken stock

2 tbsp fresh galanga root

2 tbsp fresh grated ginger

1 can full fat coconut milk

Zest skin of 2 limes

Juice of 2 limes

Cilantro to garnish


1.) In a medium sauce pan on medium heat add sliced onions, chopped galanga root, grated ginger, olive oil and simmer for 5 min constantly stirring. .

2.) Add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil.

3.) Reduce heat and continue to simmer for 5 - 10 min or until chicken is fully cooked.

I always use my Non Toxic Cookware so I can rest assured that my recipes are encouraging glowing health.

Non stick cookware contains a manmade chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid which stays in the human body for a long time accumulating and in the air in your home. While aluminum cookware is highly reactive & leaches into food.

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It has been shown that these toxins are linked to cancer, liver damage, infertility, delays in growth development, neurotoxicity, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, thyroid issues, Inflammation, weakened immune system, allergies, etc.

It is important that we take a look at all areas in our lifestyles that can contribute a great deal of toxins. Our health is wealth and each step we take can have a positive impact.

My goal is to encourage you to look at the products you use regularly, and find healthier alternatives. Decreasing our toxic load helps us to look and feel better. We deserve it!

Cheers to healthy cooking and Tom Kha soup for the soul!