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A Holistic Approach To Health And Wellness During The Holidays

The holiday season need not derail your health and wellness; instead, it is an opportunity to incorporate mindful and holistic health practices to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

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Integrating a holistic approach to health and wellness during the holidays can help you navigate the season with balance, good health, and beauty. This guide explores holistic practices for navigating the holidays and reveling in the festivities while fostering a sense of well-being that extends far beyond the holiday season.

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An excellent holistic approach to the holidays is to give the gift of being present. Don't let the holidays pass you by with your head down, burrowed in your phone, scrolling on social media. More than ever, people are spending an increasing amount of time on their digital devices, which interferes with their mental well-being and ability to concentrate. Studies show that the average person spends five to six hours daily on their phone.

Protecting the health of our brain is a common overlooked aspect of wellness. Many people eat a balanced diet, take supplements, and work out, but completely disreguard the importance of protecting their brain from social media platforms that are designed to keep them addicted and unwell. Some of the most unhealthy people spend hours a day on their phones, distracting themselves from their body's innate healing capacity.

How can we be truly healthy if we don't factor our brain health into our wellness routines? I am incredibly passionate about the topic of over stimulation and the impact it has on the health of our brains and overall well-being. This article does an excellent job of detailing the effects of social media.

Instead of scrolling online this holiday season, what if you learned a new skill or spent quality time with friends and family? Most people would have a more profound sense of fulfillment without wasting precious time on their digital devices. This holiday season, I urge you to pick your head up from your phone or laptop and tune in to what matters: your real life.

The following books, videos, and articles are excellent resources for learning about social media's impact on our brains, how to support brain health, and how to implement healthier habits. Enjoy the resources at your leisure.

2. Practice Balanced Eating Habits

A holistic approach to the holidays is to make sure you are practicing balance. The holidays often bring an abundance of sugary foods, making maintaining a healthy diet challenging.

In this video, I discuss healthy eating tips so you can enjoy this holiday season while still looking and feeling your best.

Learn about healthy food choices, mindful eating tips, wellness practices, balanced nutrition, self care, and more.

Watch this festive holiday video for healthy eating and wellness tips: Healthy Eating Habits for the Holiday Season with Jessica Rose and Michele Broad

Pro tip: Maintain a healthy mood this holiday season by comsuming foods that boost your mood. Read the article I wrote for ET Magazine: "10 Mood Boosting Foods to Support Everyday Health."

3. Practice Gratitude

jessica rose jessica rose wellness

As humans we can experience more joy, happiness, and beauty when we are grateful. We all have a reason to be thankful. A holistic approach to the holidays is to focus on daily acts of gratitude. These small acts of kindness can be as simple as being grateful for the food in our refrigerator, the roof over our head, a funny TV show or movie, that one best friend who gets it, or the simple act of being alive. These are all reasons to be grateful.

Focusing on gratitude is an excellent way to infuse your life with joy and good health. Try starting your day by saying five things you are grateful for. Absolutely life changing! Practicing gratitude can also help us exude a gorgeous glow from within that no skincare or makeup could compete with.

4. Prepare Meals in Non Toxic Cookware

xtrema cookware non toxic cookware

A holiday dinner with a side of toxins? No, thank you. Cooking a holiday feast for friends and family can be an excellent way to nourish our bodies with nutrient-dense foods and enjoy the delicious flavors of the season. However, the cookware we use can make a significant difference in our overall health.

Did you know that conventional cookware such as nonstick pans, coated pots, coated enamel, poor quality stainless steel, and aluminum can leech toxins into our food? These toxins can harm our health and appearance when used regularly. Many of the toxins leeched from traditional cookware are linked to cancer, liver damage, infertility, delays in growth development, neurotoxicity, high cholesterol, Alzheimer's, thyroid issues, inflammation, weakened immune system, allergies, and more.

Every time we cook, we are potentially increasing our toxin intake. Yikes! That's not what we want when creating healthy holiday dishes meant to nourish our family's health and bring us joy.

A healthier cookware option is to switch to nontoxic cookware made of 100% pure ceramic. I made the switch to non toxic cookware ten years ago and I feel good knowing that my cookware supports my health goals.

My favorite non toxic cookware brand is Xtrema Cookware 

I have their pans, pots, wok, skillets, dutch oven, bakeware, and tea kettle. They are what I use at home for all my healthy recipes. They are high quality and worth the investment. Healthy cooking for the win!

Use code JROSE save 15% off xtrema cookware

My Healthy Holiday Recipes - From my kitchen to yours


5. Practice a Morning Wellness Routine

girl in sunshine meditation

Starting the day with a wellness routine is an excellent way to show yourself love and care during the holiday season. The holidays can be a stressful time for many people, and having a solid morning practice can be a lifesaver in helping you stay balanced and healthy. Only you can decide what will be the most beneficial for supporting your mental well-being each morning. Choosing a wellness practice you enjoy and will stick to is essential.

A peaceful mind is better equipped to deal with holiday stress. Whether you incorporate a quick facial massage with your favorite skincare, sip on a cup of tea while basking in the sunshine, or simply take a few moments to breathe deeply before connecting with the world, it is worth it. Try to take a minimum of twenty minutes each morning to dedicate to yourself. It is a beautiful act of self-love and care that will infuse your holiday season with more joy and gratitude. You are worth it.

6. Set Boundaries and Prioritize your Well-being

self care and wellness

Set boundaries with people, especially during the holidays. It is important to check in with yourself and listen to your intuition. Now is the time to focus on the people and activities that uplift your spirits. Honoring ourselves and creating boundaries helps us feel calmer, balanced, and peaceful.

Repeat after me, "Everyone does not deserve access to me. I am valuable, and so is my time." Learning how to set boundaries is a priceless gift that keeps on giving.

7. Drink Calming Tea

healthy tea

Sip your way to relaxation this holiday season with tea that eases stress while providing nutrients to support your well-being and beauty from the inside out.


The top teas to support relaxation this holiday season

Tulsi (holy basil)

Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps to bring the body to a state of balance. If you feel stressed it will lower your stress levels and if feel low energy it will bring you up. Adaptogens are wonderful because they adapt to what your body needs in that moment. Tulsi is my favorite herb. It is calming and has a sweet and pleasant taste.


Chamomile contains an antioxidant called apigenin, which promotes relaxation and relieves stress. It is also helpful for promoting better quality sleep.


Rose tea is incredibly balancing, and the natural sedative properties can soothe the nervous system to ease stress and promote a restful night of beauty sleep. It also is a fantastic source of vitamin C, which aids in collagen production to keep your skin glowing during the holiday season. 

Peppermint Tea

Tis the season for peppermint tea! Peppermint tea contains a compound called menthol, which can support muscle relaxation. Consuming peppermint tea helps relaxation and may alleviate tension and reduce stress levels.


Lavender contains compounds such as linalool and linalyl acetate, which have calming effects that can promote relaxation and reduce stress. Lavender also supports a restful night of beauty sleep.

For all of my tea preparations, I use my non toxic tea kettle.

To learn how to avoid toxins in tea read this article "How to Avoid Toxins in Tea."

8. Hydrate with Warm Lemon or Lime Water and Salt

lemon water tea

During the holidays, our skin can easily get dehydrated from too much salt, cool temperatures, and the constant use of heaters. Start your morning off right by by creating a natural electrolyte drink to replenish your body and nourish your beauty from the inside out. I start every morning by consuming warm lime water with salt (you can also try lemon) to hydrate my body after a night of beauty rest. This simple yet effective morning drink hydrates and supports a healthy digestive tract.

Sea salt or pink Himalayan salt can contain eighty-four trace minerals that nourish beauty and help the body produce energy. The human body needs minerals, and consuming them first thing in the morning can significantly increase your wellness, mood, and hydrate your skin from the inside out.

Benefits of Warm Lime Salt Water

  • Detoxification

  • Hydration

  • Energy

  • Glowing Skin

  • Better Cognition

  • Better Digestion

  • Healthy Mood

What you need

  • 16 -20 oz warm water

  • Juice of one lime or lemon

  • Pinch of sea salt


  1. Add warm water to a glass

  2. Squeeze lime or lemon juice into water

  3. Add a pinch of salt

  4. Consume on a empty stomach and enjoy

You can also try an electrolyte drink like this magnesium bicarbonate, which is loaded with skin and hair loving ingredients. Magnesium bicarbonate is one of my favorites becuase it has a nice balance of magensium, calcium, silica, and sodium. I take it daily to support my electrolyte balance, minimize stress, increase cognition, increase energy, and encourage healthier skin, hair, and nails from the inside out.

9. Take Care of your Skin

non toxic skincare and sleep mask

Getting wrapped up in the festivities and forgetting about our beauty routines is easy during the holidays. The Fall and Winter months can take a toll on our skin, making it appear dry and hard to manage, so swapping your products for hydrating and moisturizing ones is an excellent way to keep your skin healthy.

Using holistic skincare, especially in the Fall and Winter months, is an excellent choice because the products focus on nourishing ingredients that support the skin's natural balance rather than stripping it with harsh ingredients.

My favorite holistic skincare brand is Blissoma

The entire line is formulated to nourish, protect, and improve the appearance of the skin.

To keep your skin hydrated and moisturized during the holidays it is important to avoid harsh cleansers that can strip your skin of it's natural oils and leave it vunerable to bacteria and damage. Instead try a a gentle pH-balanced cleanser that protects the skin barrier. Blissoma Rejuvenating Herbal Cleanser: is rich in organic herbs and works well for even the most sensitive skin types. This is my holy grail cleanser. It removes all of my makeup without stripping it of its natural oils. My skin always feels balanced and hydrated after using this cleanser.

Make sure to follow up your cleansing routine with a hydrating and soothing toner. Avoid products containing harsh ingredients like alcohols which can strip the skin of it's natural oils. Instead try Blissoma Serene Sacred Waters Tonique: A soothing and potent hydrating facial toner with seven natural actives, phytonutrients, MSM, and antioxidants. A beautiful blend of plant distillations that hydrate the skin and nourish it with an antioxidant boost.

Protect and moisturize your skin this holiday season with the Blissoma Pure Sensitive Care Complex: it is loaded with botanical ingredients that nourish, protect, and calm redness. It does a fantastic job of providing moisture without looking oily on the skin.

Pro tips:

  1. Always apply your skincare to damp skin to help the ingredients penetrate and absorb more efficiently.

  2. Apply a facial oil over your moisturizer to lock in moisture and protect from environmental factors. Your skin will be much healthier if you you use a moisturizer, wait for it to absorb and then apply a facial oil on top to lock in the moisture and protect the skin.

Give your skin an extra boost of moisture with the Restore Omega Miracle Facial Oil: an incredibly nourishing facial oil rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and omega fatty acids. This facial oil deeply nourishes the skin and helps to protect it from environmental factors. This facial oil will make your skin look healthy, moisturized, and radiant. I apply it after my moisturizer to lock in moisture and seal in hydration.

Don't forget, that even in the cooler months it is important to protect your skin with a non toxic SPF like the Blissoma Light Shifting Facial Sunscreen: a broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen. Made with herbs and vitamin-rich oils that nourish and protect the skin along with zinc oxide with a touch of astaxanthin (a potent antioxidant), to give the product a touch of pink to blend effortlessly into the skin. It wears beautifully under makeup and naturally soothes the skin.

Are you interested in learning more about the importance of switching to non toxic beauty products?

Check out my non toxic beauty guide

It includes the top ingredients to avoid in your beauty products, how to switch to non toxic beauty, and recommendations for high performance non toxic beauty products.

Check out all of my favorite non toxic beauty products

Check out my TV appearances discussing the importance of using non toxic beauty products.

In this TV episode I discuss why clean beauty is important for our health and wellness.

In this TV episode I discuss how to switch to a non toxic beauty routine.

In this TV episode I discuss my journey to becoming a health and beauty expert.

Try my DIY natural beauty recipes this holiday season

10. Eat Seasonally

fruits and vegetables

Eat with the seasons for better health and vibrant beauty. Did you know seasonal fruits and vegetables are generally more nutrient-dense than their year round counterparts? The Fall and Winter are typical times when people get sick, so consuming nutrient dense fruits and vegetables is a wise choice for staying healthy during the holidays.

Eating with the seasons is also an excellent way to save money during the holidays because seasonal fruits and vegetables are generally more cost-effective. Save yourself money and support your health this holiday season by eating Fall and Winter produce.

Fall Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Apples

  2. Pears

  3. Grapes

  4. Cranberries

  5. Persimmons

  6. Figs

  7. Pomegranates

  8. Pumpkins

  9. Squashes (butternut squash, acorn squash)

  10. Sweet Potatoes

  11. Brussels Sprouts

  12. Cauliflower

  13. Broccoli

  14. Carrots

  15. Beets

  16. Cabbage

  17. Swiss Chard

  18. Turnips

Winter Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Oranges

  2. Grapefruits

  3. Mandarins

  4. Tangerines

  5. Kiwi

  6. Pomegranates

  7. Cranberries

  8. Brussels Sprouts

  9. Cauliflower

  10. Broccoli

  11. Carrots

  12. Beets

  13. Cabbage

  14. Kale

  15. Winter Squashes (butternut, acorn, spaghetti)

  16. Sweet Potatoes

  17. Turnips

  18. Leeks

11. Prioritize Movement and Activity

exercise and running

Don't let your health go by the wayside this holiday season; instead, maintain a healthy exercise routine. The best exercise is the one you enjoy. Find an exercise routine that brings you like and hold yourself accountable. Aim to exercise for at least thirty minutes, four to five times weekly, for the best results. Your skin, health, and mood will thank you.

12. Embrace the True Spirit of the Holidays

family celebrations

As the holiday season approaches, an aspect that commonly takes center stage is the tradition of gift-giving. While exchanging gifts is a beautiful act that can bring joy to the ones we love, it is essential to consider other ways to show our love and appreciation for the special people in our lives.

There is immense value in spending quality time with those we hold near and dear. Simple acts such as cooking, dancing, singing, playing games, and having deep and heartfelt conversations can create memories that are far more valuable than a gift with a bow. This holiday season, focus on being present and making memories with those you hold near and dear rather than giving the perfect gift. The quality time spent with friends and family will live on in their hearts forever.

13. Allow Yourself to Indulge

holiday cookies and dessert

The holidays are a time to celebrate, connect, and enjoy the richness of life. Indulging in delicious treats is an important aspect of a living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It's an opportunity to share special moments with those whom we love while enjoying the flavors of the season. Worrying about every detail of your diet is not healthy nor is it sustainable. Instead, practice balance and allow yourself to ejoy the sweet treats you love this season.

Pro tip: Never eat sweets on an empty stomach. Make sure to eat protein and healthy fats before having dessert to ensure your blood sugar levels remain stable. Your skin and mood will be much more balanced.

14. Get your Beauty Sleep

sleep and beauty sleep

During the holidays, it's easy to overlook the importance of a good night's rest. It can be tiring between the cooking, shopping, and holiday parties, but when we are rested, we look better, and our stress levels will be lower. Make sure you prioritize your beauty sleep this holiday season so you can be fully present in each special moment.

Try my effective tips for better beauty sleep in an article I wrote for Health Web Magazine: "14 Tips for Better Beauty Sleep by Jessica Rose"

15. Be Kind, Beauty Comes from Within

kindness and love

Let your internal beauty shine this holiday season and spread joy like confetti. Kindness never goes out of style and is beautiful. Some of the most gorgeous people operate from a place of love and compassion. The love in their hearts radiates like a golden sunbeam that no beauty product could ever create. The lines may form on our faces as we age, but our hearts can remain youthful and bright if we practice daily acts of kindness.

You never know what someone else may be going through, especially during the holidays. Being kind and compassionate can significantly impact a person's life. It also helps us to be more compassionate with ourselves. May we all be kind this holiday season and each passing year.

This holiday season, let us incorporate holistic practices into our routines to nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits. May we enter the new year with a renewed sense of vitality and beauty from the inside out. Wishing you a healthy and joyful holiday season, my friend. Cheers to your good health and happiness in the upcoming year.

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