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Why Non Toxic Beauty Is Important For Health

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Do your beauty products support your health goals?

I speak from experience when I say, it is really hard to get healthy when the body is being inundated with toxins every day.

It has been estimated that the average woman uses 168 toxins in her beauty routine which are applied to the body's largest organ, the skin. Many of the ingredients found in mainstream beauty products can negatively influence our hormones, weight, mood, and health as a whole.

A few things I would like you to consider if you are interested in improving your health.

1.) If you struggle with a hormonal imbalance, it is important to evaluate your beauty products. Conventional products can contain ingredients that mimic hormones and can cause endocrine disruption. It is simply adding more fuel to the fire.

2.) If your focus is anti-aging, consider switching to non toxic beauty products. An excess of toxins can accelerate the aging process, affecting how we look and feel. Slathering toxins on our skin in the hopes of looking younger seems a bit backward, doesn't it? Just saying!!

Next time you are getting close to running out of your favorite beauty product look for a healthier alternative to replace it. You can find my non toxic beauty guide HERE It includes the top ingredients to avoid, how to make the switch easier, and clean beauty recommendations that work.

Watch my TV episode discussing the importance of non toxic beauty and women's health.

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3.) If your focus is weight loss, it's important to note that an excess of toxins can cause weight gain. When our bodies are exposed to excess toxins, it stores them in fat cells to protect us. The body will hold on to excess fat because it knows that if it releases too many toxins at once, it will not properly excrete them, causing us harm. When we start reducing the amount of toxins our bodies are exposed to daily the liver can properly do its job and healthy weight loss is much easier.

4.) Struggling with acne? Our skin is merely a reflection of our internal health. When we have imbalances, it shows in our appearance. The skin is a really great indication of what is going on internally. When our bodies try to purge excess toxins they can do so through our skin, resulting in acne and other skin conditions. Also, toxins from conventional beauty products can wreak havoc on our hormones which can show up on our skin. Reducing the number of toxins we use daily can positively influence the health of our skin.

Reduce the toxins so your natural beauty can shine through goddess!

5.) Gut issues?

I've been there, and it has changed my life to heal my gut. It wasn't a simple diet or supplement plan but instead making the necessary lifestyle changes to support my health. Switching to non toxic products was a key component. Toxins can wear down the lining of the gut and supporting it is critical for optimal health and natural beauty.

The gut it is where our food is broken down and metabolized. Poor gut health leads to low nutrient absorption and we need those vitamins and minerals to support our health and beauty.

And did you know that 70% of your immune system is housed in the gut? That makes it really a really important factor when looking to support your health and well being.

And it is also where 90% of serotonin is manufactured. Happy gut = Happy mood. It is really hard to feel happy or think clearly on a regular basis when our gut health is compromised.


If you are serious about getting healthy, I encourage you to evaluate your beauty products and how they could potentially be influencing your health. Every small shift will have a positive influence on your health and appearance.

You got this!!

Cheers to healthy beauty!


Jessica Rose

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