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Natural Beauty
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High Performance

Non Toxic Skincare, Non Toxic Makeup, Non Toxic Hair Care,

Non Toxic Body Products, Non Toxic Cookware, and Wellness Products

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links which means I might earn a small commission to support this blog, at no additional cost to you. I only partner with brands I use myself and love.


ocean cleanser osea malibu.png
osea sea glow overnight serum.png
osea atmosphere protection cream.png
osea white algae mask.png
osea sea serum.png
osea blemish balm.png
osea advanced protection cream.png
osea black alagae flash mask.png

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tata harper regerating cleanser.png
tata harper restorative eye cream.png
tata harper repairative moisturizer.png
tata harper resurfacing mask.png
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lily lolo mascara.jpg
ilia beauty mascara.webp
ilia beauty concealer.png
100 percent pure lipsticks.jpg
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vapour beauty mascara.png
ilia gel liner.webp
ilia beauty makeup.png

Hair Care

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josh rosenbrook hair mask.webp
joshrosenbrook confitioner.webp
josh rosenbrook hair spray.webp

Body Care

osea anti aging body balm.webp
osea body scrub.webp
osea body oil.webp
osea body brush.webp


xtrema skillet.jpg
xtrema cookware.webp
xtrema cookware set.jpg
xtrema cookware tea kettle.webp

Use code JROSE to save 15% on Xtrema Cookware

Xtrema Cookware is my favorite non toxic cookware brand. They take healthy living to another level.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I recommend this brand to my clients because I want them to get the full nutrient content from their foods without the added toxins. Most cookware brands on the market are coated with harmful chemicals that leech into food. This can cause a heavy burden on the body and accelerate the biological aging process. I am very satisfied knowing that I am protecting my health and my clients by using Xtrema's non toxic cookware. 


water filter.jpg
shower filter chrome.jpg

Aquasana is the brand I use for my shower and drinking water. It is high quality and does a great job at removing the top contaminants found in tap water.
Did you know that the water from our showers should also be filtered? It has been estimated that we absorb more toxins in a seven-minute shower than we do in drinking water. It is incredibly important for our health that we use a shower filter.

Pro Tip:
Use a shower filter to achieve healthier skin and hair. The chlorine and other toxins found in shower water can alter hair color, increase dryness in the hair and skin, and contribute to aging. Use a shower filter to support you beauty naturally.

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