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Water is essential for all biochemical reactions in the body. Just 1% dehydration in your central nervous system can be responsible for significant psychological malfunction and physical ailments. Not all water is created equally and taking extra steps to ensure your water is clean is important.

Tap water has serious health complications due to the high amounts of chemicals such as:



heavy metals

human and animal waste








Bottled water is not a great option either due to the plastic and what it does to our environment. Same goes for glass.

What is the best choice?

An at home filtration system that removes as many chemicals as possible while leaving the healthy minerals in the water. I personally have a 3 stage carbon sink filtration system that connects under your sink and has a separate faucet next to your regular faucet. It's super easy to install and is so affordable. You can use it for drinking water, cleaning veggies and fruits, water for cooking and so much more. Don't forget about giving this fresh clean water to your pets as well. They are not immune to the chemicals in tap water.

Another important factor to consider is a shower filter.

This is actually really important because when you shower the steam creates a toxic gas. Your pores are open and you are breathing in this gas. 70% of contaminants from water happen in the shower. In a 7 min shower you absorb more chlorine and other contaminants then you do drinking a gallon of water.

If you are not opening your windows regularly the chlorine vapors are lingering in your house and are a leading cause of asthma.

Using a shower filter also encourages softer, smoother, and healthier hair skin & nails. Now that's a real bonus in my eyes! We have the power to control what goes in our bodies and how we age. One small shift can make a big impact in our health and well being.

Cheers to good health!

Xo Jessica Rose

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