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Growing up with a passionate herbalist father inspired me to study herbalism and nutrition while also working in herbs stores helping thousands of people. I have gained a great deal of knowledge and I would like to share it with you.

In my lifetime I have only taken over the counter meds less than a handful of times. Instead, I grew up utilizing herbal remedies to keep myself healthy.

Make sure to check out the bottom of this post. I have created a MASTER LIST of herbal remedies and supplements to add to your tool box to keep you and your family healthy.

Lets get started:


An incredible immune system protector. The best way to consume garlic is raw or in pill form. It loses its immune health properties when cooked. My suggestion is to chop it up and add it to a spoonful of honey or olive oil. Works so well!

If this sounds too hard, a pill form is a great option.

You can also buy your own gelatin capsules and add fresh garlic to them.

Consume more Vitamin C rich foods:

Top 20 foods with the highest Vitamin C content:

Black Current

Red Pepper

Kiwi Fruit


Bell Pepper










Brussel Sprouts








Vitamin D:

This healthy hormone is essential for optimal immune health. The best way to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D is direct sunlight. 15-20 min daily without any sunscreen. Do not rinse your skin with soap and water. Let the Vitamin D absorb into your skin for maximum benefits.


Vitamin D3 supplements:

Liquid form is best. Especially one that has a healthy fat in the formula because it is easier for the body to absorb.

The brand I recommend is:

Metagenics liquid D3. It is cost effective and works really well.


Vitamin D rich foods:

When possible purchase Pastured Raised Eggs

The chickens actually roam around in the sunshine and eat their natural diet, making for healthier eggs rich in vitamin D



Cod Liver Oil


Beef Liver

Zinc is essential for a healthy immune system:

All animal meats



Pumpkin Seeds


Consume 40-80 0z filtered water daily depending on your height and weight

Sip water every 15 min to stay hydrated and to help rid your body of toxins. Avoid drinking large amounts of water at one time ie: chugging water, because the human body cannot utilize it when too much is consumed rapidly. It can also dilute electrolytes in the body. It is a healthier option to sip water every 15 min to keep the body constantly hydrated.


Now is the perfect time to catch up on your sleep.

The human body repairs itself while sleeping. Protect your immune system with 7-10 hours a day.

Sleep also:

Helps to improve digestion

Helps to improve hormonal balance

Supports a healthy detoxification process

Helps to ward off illness

Improve mood

Gut Health

70% of your immune system is found in the digestive tract. Give your gut some extra love to help boost your immune system.

Bone broth is incredibly beneficial for gut health. Take your left over bones and add them to a stock pot or crock pot along with:

filtered water





apple cider vinegar (helps to pull the beneficial minerals from the bones)

sea salt

and parsley

simmer for 24-48 hours


Probiotic rich foods and supplements



Pickled veggies

High quality probiotic supplements

Omega 3’s

These foods are very beneficial for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and protecting brain health


Chia seeds

Cod Liver Oil


Flax Seeds

Hemp Seeds


Egg Yolks


Did you know that stress lowers the immune system? Of course stress is unavoidable right now, however we can take extra healthy steps to mange our stress


Watch a funny show or movie. Laughing boosts the immune system for up to 24 hours

Take a bath or relaxing shower

Read a good book

Enjoy a cup of tea (my favorite is Tulsi Tea. It helps manage stress levels and is immune boosting)

Exercise at home. YouTube has wonderful at home exercise videos. Exercise helps to reduce stress, increase the immune system, and eliminate toxins from the body


Deep Breathing



Watch less of the news (just saying)

Find what works best for you

Here is my MASTER LIST of favorite herbs and supplements to help you keep your immune system strong and healthy:

My Top Favorites Natural Remedies to Protect your Immune System: (You can find these individually or in blends)

Osha Root:

Used to treat bacterial and viral respiratory infections. A powerful antiviral and antibacterial agent, Osha Root is used for respiratory infections. Its anti-inflammatory actions work to alleviate mucous membrane inflammation, opening bronchial airways to ease breathing. Osha root is used to help coughs become productive and can relieve congestion.

I have been using Osha Root since I was a little girl. If I felt a tickle in my throat I would chew on a piece of the bark or take a liquid tincture. It has been a wonderful natural remedy that I cherish to this day.

Yerba Santa:

Used for Respiratory Issues. It can help with asthma, bronchitis. cough cold, inflammation. It is wonderful for loosening up phlegm to relieve congestion.

I used to pick this one on hikes and chew the leaves. It works really well if you have a cough and need to get the phlegm up.

It can be found in whole leaf form and brewed in to a tea or chew it like me! It is also available in tincture form and capsules

Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil):

Tulsi is an ancient traditional herbal remedy originating in India and is considered a medicinal herb and sacred plant in Ayurvedic medicine. It is considered an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps to bring the body to a state of balance. If you feel stressed it will lower your stress levels and if feel low energy it will bring you up. Adaptogens are wonderful because they adapt to what your body needs in that moment.

Tulsi is a wonderful herb with a great deal of health properties. Here are some of its beneficial health properties:

supports a healthy Stress Response

can relieve anxiety

can supports balanced blood sugar levels

can improve cognitive functioning

can support liver health

can support heart health

can reduce inflammation

supports healthy skin

can help improve respiratory disorders

Good source of vitamin K (supports healthy bones)

rich in antioxidants

can help to support a healthy histamine response

can inhibit the growth of Candida

and a whole lot more!

Tulsi is an herb I hold near and dear to my heart. It has helped me so much in my life to stay healthy and to reduce stress levels. I even have a plant in my home. Out of all the herbs I have tried in my life (too many to count) Tulsi is the one that agrees with my body the best.

Astragalus Root:

Has been said to be one of the most powerful immune boosting plants, ever! It is a wonderful adaptogenic plant that helps the body fight off stress and bring it to a state of balance.

It has been shown to:

boost the immune system

balance stress

can protect cardiovascular health

anti aging

prevent collagen degradation

can help fight free radical damage

can help reduce asthma symptoms

can help reduce virus symptoms

and more!

Astragalus root is not something you take once for a cold and hope to get better. You take it over a period of time so it builds up in your system. It works much better that way.

Medicinal Mushrooms:

Mushrooms contain properties that help to support a healthy immune response.

Some of my favorites:


Turkey Tail




Lions Mane

King Trumpet

Other Wonderful Natural Remedies:

Coated Silver (Different than Collodial Silver)

Manuka Honey (quality matters as well as MGO Factor)



Green Tea


Turmeric Root


Vitamin K2

Vitamin A

B Complex


Golden Seal

Oregano Oil


Adaptogens work better if you take them for awhile (usually 6-8 weeks) and then switch to another one. Otherwise you will build up a tolerance.

I hope these tips are helpful and provide you some relief.

In these times it is important to take care of ourselves and to remember every situation has a silver lining.

There is a lot that is good if you just look for it.

Remember to stay on top of your health now and always. We shouldn't wait until there is a health scare to take our health seriously, prevention is key.

In good health,

Xo Jessica Rose


This is only information and is not intended to be medical advice. With any natural remedy always consult with your health care provider before starting a new health regime.

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