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These days people are so busy in their lives they forget to focus on eating a wide variety of nutritious foods and instead pop pills in hopes of good health. Even people who are extremely health-conscious over supplement trying to reach the highest level of well being. This is a never ending battle that is not only taxing on the body but also puts a heavy burden on the liver and kidneys. And in return these precious organs have to work much harder to do their job.

Naturally occurring nutrients in foods are more compatible with your body and readily absorbed than their supplement counterparts.

So many supplements are processed, have fillers, un necessary ingredients, and can wreck havoc on your health. By relying on supplements for good health we are putting our health into the hands of manufacturers and losing our power to take care of ourselves.

Of course, there is always a good reason to supplement when needed. I do believe there is a need for supplements in our modern day world of high exposure to toxins, physical ailments, and nutritional deficiencies however relying on supplements for good health while not putting in as much effort as possible to eat a wide variety of healthy foods doesn't promote optimal health.

When in doubt reach for real food to achieve your health goals.

You got this!

Xo Nutritionist Jessica Rose

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