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Watermelon Lemonade Beauty From Within

Try this easy healthy skin drink for vibrant beauty at any age. This simple and refreshing drink is packed full of skin-loving nutrients that encourage beauty from the inside out.

With each sip, you can rest assured that yo're getting a helthy dose of vitamins that support health and beauty.

Beauty Benefits

  • Watermelon is rich in the antioxidants vitamins A & C making it incredibly beautifying for the skin. Antioxidants protect the cells from free radical damage.

  • Vitamin A protects the skin from UV Damage and can slow the signs of aging.

  • Vitamin C is a vital co-factor for the synthesis of collagen production. Daily consumption of vitamin C is required to maintain the skin's beauty

  • Watermelon is very hydrating due to its high water content, around 92%. Hydrated skin appears more radiant and youthful.

  • Lemons help to detox the body for glowing skin. Lemons are very alkalizing once metabolized and help neutralize the bodies pH.

  • Mint improves digestion which directly affects the appearance of the skin.


  • 1/2 small seedless watermelon

  • Juice of 2 lemons

  • Fresh mint leaves


  • Blend

  • Add ice to a glass

  • Add fresh mint leaves to a glass. Give the mint a little smack in between your hands to release its aromas before adding it to the glass.

You will find that you don’t need any sweetener with this gorgeous drink since watermelon is nice and sweet on its own.

Cheers to beauty from within


Jessica Rose

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