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I get asked frequently in my nutrition practice, "what is the best diet?" My answer is no diet and instead following your bio-individual needs, having balance, and eating real foods.

Real food doesn't have a long list of ingredients with health concerns to follow. An organic apple is just that, an organic apple. Real food isn't stripped of essential vitamins and minerals during processing.

Food manufacturers are notorious for hiding ingredients under different names so consumers will continue to purchase their products. This leaves you vulnerable to additives that can potentially cause harm.

Did you know that MSG, high fructose corn syrup, corn, sugar, and many more are hidden under different names? Food companies play off your lack of knowledge and hide ingredients to make a profit. They are winning and your health is failing.

Even the savviest label readers still put their health into the hands of food companies when eating primarily packaged and processed foods. At some level, even when purchasing fresh whole food we are trusting the farmers to be as transparent as possible. It is about knowing where your food is coming from and the values of the companies producing it.

To make a shift in your health try to consume foods that are not processed. Balance is always key so do what feels right for you and your family.

Small shifts encourage big change.

Xo Jessica Rose

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