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Holistic Beauty Anti Aging Tips For Healthy Skin At Every Age (Beauty Inside and Out)

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Taking a holistic beauty approach can often be confusing in a world full of quick fixes. Oftentimes women are marketed unhealthy anti aging beauty procedures and products that do more harm than good in the long term. Incorporating holistic beauty practices, however, can offer a healthier approach that supports aging inside and out.

Health is the foundation of beauty, and holistic beauty anti aging practices can support wellness while encouraging healthy skin at the same time.

In this video I join Michele Broad from the Well Women Healthy Lifestyle Podcast to discuss holistic beauty tips for aging gracefully.

Watch our video here or listen to the podcast here

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Holistic Beauty Anti Aging Tips for Healthy Skin at Every Age (Beauty inside and out)

Use Holistic Beauty Skincare

Holistic beauty skincare recognizes that the foundation of beauty is health. So you won't find unhealthy ingredients or fillers inside these products. Many holistic skincare brands prioritize the use of natural and organic ingredients. Using natural and plant-focused ingredients can help the skin restore its natural balance and supports graceful aging.

Holistic beauty skincare aims for long-term results rather than quick fixes.

Holistic skin care focuses on nourishing ingredients that support the skin's natural balance rather than stripping it with harsh ingredients. Products are thoughtfully crafted and deliver nutrition to the skin instead of toxins. These healthy skin care products can encourage more radiance because they contain phytonutrients that help repair and protect the skin barrier while deeply nourishing, minimizing redness, and supporting graceful aging. Nourishing the skin with plants is an effective anti aging method.

Many holistic skincare brands also practice sustainable and eco-friendly principles such as environmentally friendly packaging, ethical sourcing of ingredients, and reducing waste.

Try Face Yoga - holistic beauty anti aging practice

We work out our bodies; why not our faces? Face yoga is a holistic beauty practice that encourages a more youthful appearance with regular practice.

Face Yoga combines facial exercises, facial massage, and acupressure techniques. Daily practice can minimize fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, improve skin elasticity, lift skin, firm skin, decrease hyperpigmentation, and support lymphatic drainage.

When we don't exercise our face, we lose volume, firmness, collagen, and elastin, and the skin starts to sag. Did you know that puffiness is often due to stagnant lymph? Face yoga helps to support lymphatic drainage and detoxification for a healthier and more vibrant appearance. Face yoga also helps to alleviate facial tension. It an incredible self-care practice.

I am an internationally certified face yoga instructor. I teach face yoga classes to women worldwide, and the results are incredible. I am passionate about teaching women how to naturally achieve beautiful skin at every age.

Take one of my online face yoga classes. I can teach you how to do face yoga in the comfort of your home via zoom.

Book an appointment here: Face Yoga with Jessica Rose

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Increase your Consumption of Beauty Foods

smoothie bowl for glowing skin

Holistic beauty focuses on an beauty from the inside out approach. The best skincare is the one that you can eat. Topical beauty applications are a great addition, but a healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to have gorgeous skin consistently. Our skin reflects our health; when we nourish our body, we also nourish our beauty. Imagine how gorgeous your skin will look with all the healthy food you are eating. You will glow from the inside out.

The next time someone asks you what your beauty secret is, you can smile and say, "It's healthy food!" Holistic beauty from the inside out.

Try these holistic beauty anti aging foods for naturally gorgeous skin


Are an excellent source of dietary fiber and are rich in vitamin E that can help slow the signs of aging, protect against free radical damage, and help the fat-soluble vitamins found in fruits and vegetables absorb better.

Bone broth:

Contains high amounts of collagen for healthy and radiant skin. Collagen is a building block for the skin, and consuming it is an excellent way to encourage supple, smooth, and glowing skin.

Sweet potatoes:

Are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and potassium and are an excellent source of beta carotene, a retinol precursor that supports anti-aging and healthy skin.


Contain high amounts of antioxidants that help combat free radical damage, which can age the skin.

Dark leafy greens:

Are rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, and vitamins B, C, E, K, and phytonutrients that help the skin to appear vibrant, healthy, and glowing.


Are an excellent source of protein. The amino acids lysine and proline in eggs support collagen and elastin production for more youthful skin.


Hydrated skin is glowing skin! Dehydrated skin can appear dry, dull, and fine lines and wrinkles are more prominent. Make sure to drink at least half your weight in once of water each day. It can support detoxification and reduce puffiness. Improve skin tone, and plump the skin for a gorgeous glow from the inside out.

Minimize Processed Foods - holistic beauty glow

One glance around the grocery store, and you may wonder what happened to all the real food. The aisles are filled with processed foods that tout health on the label, but upon further inspection, they often tell a different story. Food packages with long ingredient labels that are hard to pronounce have become the norm in our food system.

Year by year, we are getting further away from real food.

A diet high in processed foods, sugar and devoid of fiber and nutrients can contribute to skin issues such as acne, dull and dry skin, and premature aging. Instead of purchasing foods with a long ingredient label, consider buying fresh foods in their whole form.

A holistic beauty approach focuses on nourishing foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, grains, nuts, and seeds contain significant amounts of nutrients that will nourish your skin from the inside out.

If buying foods that require cooking seems overwhelming, I completely understand. As someone who grew up eating fast food and TV dinners daily, it was challenging for me to make the switch. I will share a few simple tips to make healthier eating more practical and enjoyable.

Prepare your food in batches

Instead of making multiple meals daily, set aside one day a week to do the bulk of the cooking. You can reduce the time you spend cooking and increase the likelihood of eating healthy because you will always have nourishing meals ready.

  • Prepare a whole chicken that can later be used for meals throughout the week, such as tacos, soups, and stir-fries.

  • Cook large batches of vegetables and store them in airtight containers for a quick meal.

  • Make large batches of grains or beans that can later be used in meals such as soups, tacos, breakfast bowls, and more.

  • Pre-cut and wash vegetables and put them in air-tight containers filled with water. Not only will your vegetables last longer, it will increase the likelihood that you consume more of them.

Get your Beauty Sleep - a holistic beauty glow

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Holistic beauty focuses on quality sleep as a fountain of youth, and it is free for you to enjoy each night. Sleeping helps repair, rejuvenate, and detoxify, encouraging a healthier and more radiant appearance. The better sleep you get, the healthier your skin will look.

Many people suffer from sleep issues, and learning a few techniques to improve the quality of your sleep can help you look and feel your best at any age

Get my holistic beauty tips for better sleep in the article I wrote for Health Web Magazine: 14 Tips for Better Beauty Sleep by Jessica Rose

Exercise for Glowing Skin

excerisee routine for healthy skin

Regular movement can improve the appearance of the skin in as little as thirty days. Think about it. After you work out isn't your skin glowing? Imagine sticking to a regular exercise routine. Your skin will look amazing.

Benefits of Exercise for the Skin

  • Increased circulation

  • Improved blood flow which nourishes cells

  • Supports detoxification

  • Minimizes stress which can actively take a toll on the skin

  • Minimize the signs of aging

  • Encourages a healthy glow

The best exercise routine is one you enjoy. Let's face it, not all enjoy going to the gym. I know I don't, so I walk daily instead because it is a huge stress relief for me and helps keep my body healthy and my skin glowing. There are so many options out there. Find an exercise that brings you joy and hold yourself accountable. Your skin will thank you.

Aim to exercise for at least thirty minutes, four to five times a week for the best results.

Turn Down the Water Temperature in the Shower

shower filter for healthy skin

Most of us love a relaxing hot shower, but it can be quite harsh on our skin. You may not want to hear this, but using hot water on your face is never advisable. Doing so can disrupt the skin barrier and cause excess dryness, redness, damage, and premature aging. Cleansing your face with warm water is always the best option.

If you love your hot showers (like me) don't worry you can turn the temperature down whenever you cleanse your face. Then turn it back to your normal temperature. It's called balance!

Using a shower filter to protect your skin from harmful chemicals is also important.

While most people filter their drinking water, they completely overlook the importance of a shower water filter. The unfortunate reality is that most city water is full of harmful chemicals that can contribute to skin and health issues.

A shower filter is a water filtration system that reduces skin irritants such as chlorine and chloramines. The quality of each shower filter varies however, choosing one that works for your individual needs is essential.

Some shower filters such as this one can also remove additional contaminants and excess minerals. Look for one that removes the following,

  • Chlorine

  • Chloramines

  • Fluoride

  • Iron

  • Lead

  • Heavy metals

  • Bacteria

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Excess Lime

  • Excess Calcium

From my research, this shower water filter is the best on the market. Other shower filters are basic and only filter chlorine or chloramines but don't do a great job removing other toxins and excess minerals. For this reason, I choose to use this shower filter.

Whether you choose to practice one or all of these natural beauty practices, you can improve the health of your skin and health at the same time. It's a win-win. Never underestimate the impact of small healthy shifts on your health and beauty. Every amount of effort you put into supporting your health will also support your appearance.

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